Accessibility Statement
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Ayala Group works to update and implement the accessibility rules as much as possible in accordance with the principles of the accessibility standard, Level 2 (AA) of the W3C organization.
The Ayala Cruise website is an international website that is adapted for display in the leading browsers.

How to browse the site easily?
You can navigate forward on the site using the keyboard button on the keyboard.
To navigate backwards, press the SHIFT + TAB key combination together.
Connectivity in the central part of the site is painted in blue or orange as opposed to text in black.
For your convenience, we have installed an accessibility module on the site, on the bottom right, with the help of which you can reduce and increase fonts, and spaces between letters, to see the site in dark contrast, and in shades of gray. It can also be used to mark all the hyperlinks on the site underlined.
On the English language website, the accessibility module contains reading of the texts from text to speech.
The images on the site contain ALT tags.


Did you encounter a problem? Please tell us.
We make every effort to maintain and maintain the site at the best level. If you find and / or have difficulties browsing the site, do not hesitate to email us at


We are located at: Derech Hayam 4, Haifa.
The office is not accessible.
Phone: 04-810-8000


Date of writing the statement: 1.5.2022

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